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2009 12 Bell Eliminator

The York Team Front row, r-l: Christine Potter, Helen Green, Eleanor Carr, David Roberts, Peter Sanderson, James Sanderson Back row l-r: Chris Young, Peter Hughes, David Mitchell, David Potter, Tim Bradley, Rob Lee

A team of ringers from York Minster entered the 2009 National 12 Bell Contest. The competition is organised so that entrants are compete in three eliminators, with the top three teams from each going forwards to the final.

This year, York were drawn to ring at the eliminator held in Sheffield on 28th March 2009. The test piece was 2 courses of Stedman Cinques. The results of the Sheffield eliminator are shown below:

    York have qualified for the final, to be held at St. Paul’s Cathedral (London). The team was as follows:

    1. Christine Potter
    2. Helen Green
    3. Eleanor Carr
    4. David Roberts
    5. Peter Sanderson
    6. James Sanderson
    7. Chris Young
    8. Peter Hughes
    9. David Mitchell
    10. David Potter
    11. Tim Bradley
    12. Rob Lee (C)

    The final is to be held at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London on Saturday 4th July 2009. The other teams to qaulify from this eliminator and those held at Rotheram and Sheffield are: Ancient Society of College Youths, Birmingham, Leeds, Melbourne, St Paul’s Cathedral, Society of Royal Cumberland Youths, Southwark and Stockton-on-Tees.