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Yorkshire 12 Bell 2011

Saturday 2nd September saw a YMSCR band compete at Sheffield Cathedral for the White Rose Shield. York were placed first, with the full results as follows:

  1. York Minster
  2. Leeds Parish Church
  3. Scratch band
  4. Sheffield
  5. Bradford
The York band placing was as follows:
  1. Holly Webster
  2. Tina Walker
  3. Gail Cater
  4. Alice Longden
  5. Helen Green
  6. Bob Cater
  7. Christine Potter
  8. Allen Eccles
  9. Johny Stokoe (C)
  10. David Mitchell
  11. David Potter
  12. Tim Bradley
Johny Stokoe was presented with the shield by the judge, Andrew Mills.
Photos courtesy of Peter Brash 2011