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12 Bell Competition 2010

On 26th June 2010, a York Minster band took part in the final of the National Twelve Bell Striking Compeition. The day was hosted at Holy Cross, Crediton.

The results were as follows (courtesy of the 12 BellĀ website):

Team Peal speed Score
1st Birmingham 3h29 88%
2nd Society of Royal Cumberland Youths 3h42 84%
3rd Ancient Society of College Youths 3h31 79%
4th York 3h25 78%
5th Exeter 3h30 77%
6th Melbourne 3h19 74%
7th St Martin-in-the-Fields 3h53 68%
8th Cambridge 3h31 67%
9th Leeds 3h15 60%

The band placing was as follows:

  1. Rachel Storr
  2. Elenor Carr
  3. Alice Longden
  4. Robert Lee (C)
  5. Peter Sanderson
  6. Kevin Atkinson
  7. Christine Potter
  8. David Leese
  9. Peter Hughes
  10. David Mitchell
  11. David Potter
  12. Timothy Bradley