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YMSCR respond to media coverage

We should like to make it clear via this post that none of the (former) York Minster ringers wish to be associated with the personal attacks on the Dean of York or the nickname published in the Times today (15th October 2016). Please could we ask that all personal attacks on the Dean of York cease?
The ringers are grateful for all the support we have received locally, nationally and from around the world. We did not call in the media ourselves following Tuesday’s meeting and subsequent denial of access, but find ourselves having to respond to increasing media attention and bafflement.
The whole situation is very sad. We have learnt that the Minster are now employing a bellfoundry to ring the bells down (for a fee) rather than accept our offer to make them safe free of charge.

We would still like the situation to be resolved through talks and reconciliation but there has been to date no response from the Dean or Chapter on this open offer.