York Minster Society of Change Ringers

Information for Ringers

Visiting a practice

Please note that the following information is provided for people who are already trained in English change-ringing. As a rule, the tower is not open to the public during ringing practices and service ringing.

We are privileged to have an excellent ring of bells. However, they are very loud outside and this limits the total time they are available to be rung. The bells exist primarily as instruments of worship, and most of our ringing takes place as part of the worship of the Minster.

In all aspects of worship, cathedrals aim at excellence and this inevitably limits all ringers, including our own, to only ring what they can ring musically and rhythmically on all occasions.

Our Tuesday practice is always very busy, and practice is run very formally, just like a choir or orchestra rehearsing. The touches which are to be rung on Sunday are practised specifically, with ringers ringing the same bells they will ring for service ringing.

We are always pleased to welcome visiting ringers at our practices,  but it must be appreciated that opportunities to ring may be limited. Visiting ringers are always welcome to come and have a drink with us in the pub after the practice.

Under normal circumstances Sunday morning service ringing is not open to visitors. We do, however, set aside a limited number of occasions where visiting bands may join us for Sunday Evensong ringing.

Enquiries or requests related to ringing at the Minster should be emailed to Andy Blacklock, Head of Tower: headoftower@yorkminster.org