York Minster Society of Change Ringers


SW Tower Bells

The bell chamber in this tower contains a ring of 12 bells (tenor 59 cwt 1qtr 23lbs in Bb) with a flat sixth and an extra treble to make a light ten (tenor 24-3-0 in Eb) and a full carillon…

Ringing Chamber

The panorama below shows the chamber in the South-West tower of York Minster from which the main peal of bells along with the carillon are rung. Panorama by Barry Hale.You’ll need to have Apple QuickTime installed to view this (available for…

Bells – Overview

The two western towers of York Minster contain between thema total of 56 bells, this being the largest number of bells in any English cathedral. There are no bells in the central tower. All of the present bells were cast…



It’s a lot easier to understand what change ringing involves after you’ve seen it in action. A selection of recordings are available:


The day to day activities of the society are run by officers. To contact the society please use the contact form available.

Visiting a practice

Please note that the following information is provided for people who are already trained in English change-ringing. As a rule, the tower is not open to the public during ringing practices and service ringing. We are privileged to have an…

White Rose Shield 2010

Saturday 4th September saw a YMSCR sucesfully hold the White Rose Shield. The competition was held at Bradford Cathedral.

News and Events

Wilfrid Moreton Trophy – Striking Competition

The 2010 striking contest for the Wilfrid Moreton trophy took place at Nunburnholme on Saturday 18th September 2010. The York Minster band achieved first place, ringing a 240 of Plain Bob Minor. The band placing was: 1. Tina Walker 2.Christine…

12 Bell Competition 2010

On 26th June 2010, a York Minster band took part in the final of the National Twelve Bell Striking Compeition. The day was hosted at Holy Cross, Crediton. The results were as follows (courtesy of the 12 Bell website): Team Peal…

New York – 2009

Late on Boxing Day our party of 20 (16 current members of York Minster Society of Change Ringers plus 4 friends) checked into the Doubletree Hotel, Jersey City.  It had been a long day – we were delayed leaving Heathrow…